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05 November 2010 @ 05:56 pm
[REPORT]AAA 5th Anniversary LIVE September 12th at Yokohama ARENA  
The 7 Stars Continue Journey!

On September 14th 2005, AAA made their debut with the single 'BLOOD on FIRE'. On September 12th they held a concert at Yokohama ARENA to celebrate their 5th anniversary. They put on another commemorative performance at Kobe World Kinen Hall (Kobe Port Island Hall) on the 20th.

On September 12th all the seats at Yokohama ARENA were filled with AAA fans.
At either end of the main stage a big star was displayed. Each star was decorated with a number of other stars in different sizes. The center stage connected to the main stage was also shaped like a star. But that was not all. The fans excitedly waiting for the show to begin were holding star-shaped glow-sticks that were being sold as official merchandise. It looked as if the hall was a starry sky.

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